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A Snowy Field Season- The First Submission!

The long awaited submission from Richie Cruz. These photos are from his field work up in Sonora, CA. The work was done prior to the construction of a bypass.

Richie says “the milling slick is going to soon covered with a freeway bypass. So these photos are going to be the only evidence of it.  The bypass is going to cover three sites, which is what we excavated. And we spent most of March there.”

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NY Public Library’s Flikr

Changing New York

This photo stream is amazing- from the New York Public Library. An awesome photo I just found:

Source: NY Public Library's Flikr

And Penn Station today for those of you who haven’t been there:

Source: moynihanstation's Flikr

Source: moynihanstation's Flikr

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