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The Solutrean Solution & North American Sloth

Another proponent of the Solutrean Solution.

Does anyone have any thoughts on Bruce Bradley and Dennis Stanford’s new book?  I’m not a fan of the Solutrean Solution, but if the evidence is there, I’m willing to listen. Do they have the evidence to back up this wild claim?

As well as hunting sloths in North America.

Now this is cool.

Source: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Also- check out this take on the new evidence for sloth-hunting.

Here’s a hint as to the topic:

Source: horsetalk.co.nz

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The Coastal Migration Hypothesis Coming Together

Jon Erlandson and his team of colleagues and students from the University of Oregon have discovered sites on the Channel Islands dating to ~12,200 and 11,200 years ago. The recently published an article in Science (which I am currently trying to get my hands on- I think I will have to visit the actual library, shocking).

There has been a lot of buzz about this article from other news outlets. I can’t wait to see Dr. Erlandson’s presentation at the SAAs next week. I haven’t located it yet in the program, when I do, I will update.

Source: smithsonianscience.org

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