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The Solutrean Solution & North American Sloth

Another proponent of the Solutrean Solution.

Does anyone have any thoughts on Bruce Bradley and Dennis Stanford’s new book?  I’m not a fan of the Solutrean Solution, but if the evidence is there, I’m willing to listen. Do they have the evidence to back up this wild claim?

As well as hunting sloths in North America.

Now this is cool.

Source: Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Also- check out this take on the new evidence for sloth-hunting.

Here’s a hint as to the topic:

Source: horsetalk.co.nz

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New Books!

“The legendary El Dorado- the city of gold- remains a mere legend, but astonishing new discoveries are revealing…” blah blah blah. This sentence is the best hook I have ever seen. I hooked you didn’t I? The rest of the sentence is long and poorly structured. Okay, maybe not poorly structured, but it sure is loonnnnnnggggg. I hate long sentences. I get lost/bored in the middle.

Here’s the key part: “major civilization in ancient Amazonia.” Now that is cool! When I was in college, they were just starting to find things in Amazonia. Now there’s a book about it! Awesome.

If you can’t tell, I just got an email from Left Coast Press, Inc.  They’re having a book sale! And also they sent their Fall Catalog.

The interesting books from the catalog (so you don’t have to flip through it and take up your own busy time):

Bridging the Divide: Indigenous Communities and Archaeology in the 21st Century

That title speaks for itself. I want that book. It’s $34.95 $29.71 in paperback. It’s on SALE! Available in September.

Source: Left Coast Press

Sacred Geologies of Ancient Amazonia: Historical Ecology of Social Complexity

This is the book just told you about above. It’s $69 $48.30 hardcover! ALSO ON SALE! Available in September.

Source: Left Coast Press

Okay the REASON these books are on sale is because they’re on pre-order. Left Coast Press is having a 20% off sale on pre-orders right now. Read the FINE PRINT. Duh.

Anyways- two more books:

How Culture Makes Us Human: Primate Social Evolution and the Formation of Human Societies

Kind of a boring title for what sounds like an interesting subject. I’m always interested in evolution. $22.95 $19.51 in paperback. Available in October.

Source: Left Coast Press

Video Game Worlds: Working at Play in the Culture of EverQuest

There’s a curve ball for you. $34.95 $29.71 in paperback. Available in October.

Source: Left Coast Press

Who’s your favorite publisher?

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An Unusual Source of Funding…

Colleen Morgan over at Middle Savagery is a pretty awesome archaeology blogger.  She is a Ph.D. candidate at Berkeley. “Her dissertation is based on building archaeological narratives with New Media, using digital photography, video, mobile and locative devices.” —The Maeander Project via kickstarter.com.

She has had some very cool ideas in the past- using modern technology as well as alternative media to study/publish archaeology.

Her most recent studious/publication endeavor, The Maeander Project funded by kickstarter.com sounds fascinating.

Source: Ali Ertim via middlesavagery.wordpress.com

I’d never heard of kickstarter before, but it is an awesome funding source. Their slogan is “A new way to fund and follow creativity.”  A creative person or project signs up and asks for help funding a creative venture of some sort.

In Colleen’s case- she is asking for funding for her archaeological field season in Turkey. If you were to help fund her, you get something in return! The options run from an e-book recording the archaeological work to a WHS pointing trowel!

Source: toolventure.co.uk

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Upcoming Events in the Los Angeles Area

A while ago I let you know that I would be at an even at the Getty Villa in June. That event is this weekend! It’s all sold out, but maybe you can convince someone, somewhere to get you tickets.

You can pick up his book if you can’t attend. You can also check out his webpage at the University of Pennsylvania.

Source: Penn Museum

Uncorking the Past: Ancient Ales, Wines, and Extreme Beverages
Saturday June 4, 2011
Getty Villa Auditorium
17985 Pacific Coast Highway
Malibu, California

Also, there is a workshop going at the end of July that I will be attending. Hopefully I’ll finally learn how to flintknap!

Source: Bakersfield Flinknapping Blog

Tehachapi Heritage League’s Flintknapping Workshop with Gary Pickett

Sunday, July 24, 2011
1 to 4 PM
Tehachapi Museum
310 S Green St
Tehachapi, CA 93561
(661) 822-8152
$10: Reservations Mandatory (call them!)

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Google SketchUp: 3D Models

When I was a student at USC, there was a project in the Archaeology Research Center to use Google SketchUp to reconstruct el-Amarna. I was not personally involved in the project, but the researchers involved seemed to learn a lot.

Apparently, Google SketchUp as a tool for archaeological sites is much more widely used than I thought. Recently, Middle Savagery published a post regarding SketchUp.

I don’t know how much SketchUp is being used in the CRM world. If I ever came across a site that it could be used on, maybe I would find out!  Alas, I find mostly lithic and can scatters, which would not be the most interesting to digitally model in 3D space.

I just saw that post over at Middle Savagery, and it rang a bell with me, so I thought I would share it with you.

I had a very long week, getting up at 4am and coming home at 5 or 6pm. I did get to spend a lot of time on a sweet prehistoric site, but I was pulling weeds!

More to come soon.

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