Google SketchUp: 3D Models

When I was a student at USC, there was a project in the Archaeology Research Center to use Google SketchUp to reconstruct el-Amarna. I was not personally involved in the project, but the researchers involved seemed to learn a lot.

Apparently, Google SketchUp as a tool for archaeological sites is much more widely used than I thought. Recently, Middle Savagery published a post regarding SketchUp.

I don’t know how much SketchUp is being used in the CRM world. If I ever came across a site that it could be used on, maybe I would find out!  Alas, I find mostly lithic and can scatters, which would not be the most interesting to digitally model in 3D space.

I just saw that post over at Middle Savagery, and it rang a bell with me, so I thought I would share it with you.

I had a very long week, getting up at 4am and coming home at 5 or 6pm. I did get to spend a lot of time on a sweet prehistoric site, but I was pulling weeds!

More to come soon.

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