Archaeology Month

Every state in the US has an archaeology month .   In April, Alaska , Kansas , Maryland, and Montana celebrate Archaeology Month.

What does Archaeology Month mean?

  • According to Alaska’s page, last updated in 2009, “there are local events and activities which highlight a wide variety of topics of archaeological and anthropological interest.”  One event is the The Annual Alaska Atlatl Competition. Children can practice using atlatls, or spear-throwers, to hit mammoth-like targets. For details, contact the National Park Service, Alaska Support Office (907) 644-3510.
Source: Travis S., AK
  • In Kansas, Archaeology Month  consists of archaeology talks, demonstrations and films, exhibits of archaeological finds, and special events at museums.  Their calendar currently lists no events.
  • In Maryland, Archaeology Month seems to be very exciting. If you are in Maryland and happen to experience Archaeology Month, tell me about it! They currently have many events planned throughout the state. These events include talks and lectures, guided tours, workshops, and fieldwork opportunities.

Source: Archaeological Society of Maryland

  • Montana’s archaeology month is an annual celebration that encourages Montanans to learn more about the rich cultural and archaeological heritage of their state. Exhibits, lectures, demonstrations, and other activities are scheduled throughout the state at museums, historic sites, state parks, libraries, and universities. You can try to download their event list, but it was not working for me.
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